Empath The Book

By C. Marie Schrant

C. M. S.

A Novel

Join me as I journey through a world of circumstance – a world where the unexplained takes place and simple everyday occurrences can open doors to new understanding – a world where real life experience can have you wondering, Is it a miracle or a supernatural phenomenon? 

Best Selling Author

C. Marie Schrant

If movies like The Exorcist or Stigmata leave you wondering, then you definitely want to read Empath. Unlike the movies, Empath is a true story which has been fictionalized, mostly to protect the parties involved, but also to make it worth your read. Most every incident in the story did take place with locations, contexts, and progression of occurrences having been altered.  It took me ten years to write the novel. I believe it will be well worth the read.

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Empath The Book


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