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The unintended consequence of meeting Jim resulted in the development of the author’s skill set and the storyline embedded in the writing of this novel. He paved the way for the awakening of a life-long, innate drive to write a book – a drive that had lain dormant for so many years.

Jim has no idea of the role he played in the culmination of this story. The author is eternally grateful for the day she received his unsolicited phone call. It was the call that would open doors to allow Jim to walk straight into her life.

C. Marie Schrant is an Arizona native. She studied at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois and earned a B.S. in accountancy. After returning to Arizona, she worked as a certified public accountant for a number of years then decided to go into the rocky road of sales.

She gained her sales experience through the network marketing industry, used that experience to work in financial planning, and later, relied on that experience to work on a political campaign. She and her son, Michael, currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. Empath is her first published work.

Author C Marie Schrant

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