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This is the blog page for author C. Maria Schran and the author of the book “Empath”

I will be posting up new blogs on a semi-regular basis about my book, writing in general and self-publishing books, so come by often and visit me.  

Did Something Invade My dream?

Did Something Invade My dream?

I’m not sure how I was responding as I wasn’t quite sure what I was dealing with. I guess you could say I was alert. On the ready to accept whatever was next knowing there wasn’t a darn thing I could do about it – whatever “it” was.


You can find out more here about the Author, C Marie Schrant


Empath Book Blog


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Empath Book Blog
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Empath Book Blog
Empath is a book by author C Marie Schrant. Supernatural, Supernatural Horror, Supernatural Occult, Drama, Political Campaign, True Story.
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Empath - C Marie Schrant
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