Empath is My First Published Novel

My name is C. Marie Schrant. The C stands for Cecilia. I don’t spell out the first name for reasons I’ll explain later.

Empath is my first published novel.

I wrote this novel because of a personal experience I was going through and the parties involved were misinterpreting what they were witnessing. On the surface, it looked like they were right, but they didn’t know what I knew, and I’m not sure they would have believed me if I could ever get the courage to tell them.

I couldn’t understand what I was going through myself. How could I explain it to anyone else? So I wrote the novel because I wanted them to know the truth. But the truth is, none of the parties involved will ever read it. It’s not their kind of subject matter.

And because this is a true story, there is the issue of protecting the parties involved, hence, the reluctance to publish my first name. I don’t want anyone making a connection.

So why spell out my first name now?

It’s my first blog. I doubt many will read it. And by the time I have a large enough following, if that ever does happen, this blog will be buried, so I’m not too worried about anyone figuring out who I am at this point.

I once had a friend declare, “but you love to write, don’t you?”

To which I replied, “No! I hate writing. It’s hard work.”

“You don’t like to write?” the friend responded with a perplexed tone.

“No. I’m driven to write. There’s a difference.”

And driven to write, I am, because I find myself doing it more often than someone who doesn’t like to write, and when I do write, the stories come from real life experiences.

Life is my passion. Not necessarily living it, but understanding it. Understanding how humans become what we become. Hence, you might get a little insight on that subject matter down the road, because it is my passion.

I welcome questions, comments – anything that will give me an idea on what to write about. Unfortunately, I don’t really have much of an imagination. Like I said, my writing – when I do write – is based on real life experiences.

So, what’s in the pipeline? I am working on a kid’s book right now and I may ghost write a novel for a good friend of mine – may – that’s a really big may. We will see.

So, stay tuned. Tell me what you think of the book. Ask me questions. If I can, I’ll provide clarity.


I write articles about my book and writing in general so come and visit me at C. Marie Schrant Blogs


Empath is My First Published Novel

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