How NOT to Market Your Book

Everyone knows that social media is the best way to market whatever you are selling, and published works are no different.

So, when my book was published and I was ready to engage in the marketing of it, and since I’m not really fluent in social media, I did some research.

I looked into marketing on Instagram – the “to die for” platform for marketing everything.

I looked into Facebook.

Skipped Twitter and LinkedIn and after spending quite a bit of time researching the issue, I finally came to terms with the fact that I’m just not that into social media.

The amount of time I would have to invest in “being cute” was more than I was willing to spend.

So, how am I going to market my book given the limited budget I have to work with, and with social media being to me what kryptonite is to Superman?

I had to think on that, and I had to think hard.

I finally came up with a great idea!

My plan?

Give my book away.

Give it away to everyone I know, and in exchange for the free book, ask the receiver of my book to write a review on Amazon.

I figure, once I have a few reviews under my belt, then I would consider investing a little money into having someone else do some online marketing for me. I even included bookmarks I had specially made directing the reader as to the easiest way to find the book to write the review.

I managed to give my book away to about thirty people who agreed to write a review in exchange for the book before I got really busy in the work I actually get paid to do, and my attention to the book falls away.

Two months go by before I slow down enough to remember my name.

Ha! I should have several reviews by now. I’ll check Amazon.

Only two reviews.

Just my very best friend of forty plus years and one other person directly connected to the book were the only two to leave a review.


Okay. Maybe I didn’t give them enough time.

Another month goes by and I check again.

Still only the two reviews.

Another month.

The lonely two reviews glare back at me as if to say WTF?

I gave away thirty books to people who promised to leave a review. I don’t want to hunt them down, but if I do nothing….

I start texting. Did you read the book?

No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

What book?

No answer.

I’m not a reader. It’s gonna take me some time.

No answer.

I’ve been really busy.

I’ll get to it in the next couple of days, I promise.

No answer.

Yeah. I gave it to Mike to read.

No answer.

I’m gonna finish the book this weekend.

No answer.

My marketing plan isn’t working! What should I do? Hound these people till they post a review?

Then it dawns on me: What if they’re really being kind?

What if my book isn’t nearly as good as I think it is?

Maybe that’s why they’re not leaving a review.

Maybe I should leave well enough alone. After all, I managed to speak to a couple people directly.

No one said it was a really good book. No one.

So maybe I should leave well enough alone.  Maybe I should.

But I can’t. I think it’s a pretty good book.

A four-star rating at least – and I’m my own worst critic. I know when I write something that isn’t that great. And I certainly don’t give bad work away for free.

So, I’m going to let these people go. I’m going to market by book. Find another way. Spend the money.

Because I believe the story is a good story. The book is fairly well written.

The ending is not your typical ending.

And the writer knows it’s her best work so far.


How NOT to Market Your Book

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How NOT to Market Your Book
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How NOT to Market Your Book
Maybe give it away to everyone I know, and in exchange for the free book, ask the receiver of my book to write a review on Amazon.
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