My Self Publishing Book Journey

First, I think each self-publishing company has their own way of publishing your work.

I know there are different levels of publishing packages to choose from for each company and there are a ton of publishing companies out there.

So, it matters which company you choose. I highly encourage research. I found The Alliance of Independent Authors to be a helpful resource.

After going through the ratings of several self-publishing companies, I chose a few to take a deeper look at.

I scoured their websites. Searched the internet for additional reviews.

Gave the companies a call.

At the end of the day, I chose Luminare Press to publish my work. Reviews were good and I liked how they communicated with me.

The process was simple, yet lengthy and time consuming. First, the publishing package to choose, then the agreement to be signed.

Next, I uploaded my manuscript. That was in November of 2020.

I had my manuscript edited by two professional editors so I didn’t require their editing services. I love my editors.

They were very good at finding holes in my story and making suggestions where needed.

The publisher offered to design the cover of the book, but at the end of the day, I hired someone I worked with previously to design the cover.

She knew my likes and dislikes, so it was easier to go that route, however, the publishing company finished the design placing word content appropriately.

Once the publisher informed me of what they needed, I had to come up with the word content.

Write the summary.

Write the marketing piece.

Find people who would write a review.

Once submitted, the team got together to make suggestions so the work would be more marketing friendly.

And if I had chosen to include a picture of myself, they would have placed that somewhere on the cover, too, but I didn’t.

One of the designers arranged a zoom meeting with me to create the interior layout of the book. That involved selecting the type, font and spacing. We worked together until we agreed on the result.

Then she did her magic, and I received a pdf copy of what the end result would look like in book form.

It was my job to go through the pdf and find errors/issues that needed correcting, and I did.

It is amazing to me how different things pop up when in book format vs a manuscript prepared in Word.

I found tons of inconsistencies and errors that were easily missed in Word form.

Once I identified corrections that needed to be made, the pdf went back to the publisher, who made the corrections and sent the updated pdf back to me for round two.

I read through the pdf again and found a ton more.

Each trip between me and the publisher took about a week – a week to find the corrections; a week to update the pdf.

After three rounds of the back and forth, the pdf was ready to be converted to an actual paperback – a proof.

And you’d think that by now all the errors and inconsistencies would have been identified and that we would be done.


There were more.

Funny how words and punctuation show up differently in a paperback.

And page numbers don’t necessarily match up to the ones on the pdf version, either. I discovered that when I had to point out the corrections on the pdf – not the proof.

It is now February 9, 2021 and back to the publisher the pdf will go. 

The publisher will make the corrections and send yet another updated version of the pdf back to me for review.

I’m praying to God I don’t find another error. I want my work to be published.

Now, you might be thinking, Why didn’t you do a thorough review before you sent the manuscript to the publisher?

Simple answer?

I did.

But things display differently in different formats.

Memories bring forth prior corrections not found earlier the first time around. Uncertainties make for inconsistencies in presentation. Maybe we read them differently.

Maybe it’s the lighting.

Who knows! I’m just glad I caught what I did, and I’m sure my readers will identify more.

I just hope they like the story enough not to care.


My Self Publishing Book Journey


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My Self Publishing Book Journey
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My Self Publishing Book Journey
Empath the book. Each self-publishing company has their own way of publishing your work. It matters which company you choose. I highly encourage research. I found The Alliance of Independent Authors to be a helpful resource.
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C Marie Schrant
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